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Our upcoming events are designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and connections you need to succeed in the cannabis industry. From business planning to branding to compliance, our expert speakers and interactive workshops cover a wide range of topics.

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Cann I Create
A Sustainable
Cannabis Business

$20 – April 29th, 12-3 pm – Online

Join us for a special online class on how to create a sustainable cannabis business. This 3-hour class is perfect for anyone interested in starting a cannabis business or looking to take their existing business to the next level.

You’ll learn valuable tips and strategies for developing a successful cannabis business, including how to create a solid business plan, financial planning, product development strategies, branding and marketing tips, and compliance and regulation requirements.

Cann I Create Products Event

Cann I Create Products

Free – March 18th, 12-3 pm – NYC

Join our Cann I Create Products event where you can get the chance to make CBD topicals and edibles using the knowledge you gain from our Cann. I. Create Jobs event. Don’t miss out on this unique HANDS-ON experience to observe, assist, engage, and ask questions.

The lessons offered during our Cann I Create Products event will provide the average learner with an accelerated path to mastering various techniques and giving them the ability to produce a variety of products such as salves, brownies, cupcakes, gummies, and more.

Cann I Create Jobs

Free – January 19th, 12-3 pm – NYC

Let’s celebrate job creation and workforce development while promoting the principles of Dr. Martin Luther King. Identify opportunities to provide yourself with skills training, and entrepreneurship opportunities, and learn how to apply and attain employment as well as gain valuable resources in the NYC cannabis industry.

Cann I Create Jobs - MLK Weekend
James with I am Love

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Our Partner Brands: Collaborating with Trusted Leaders in the Cannabis Industry

At Cann I Create, we are proud to partner with some of the most reputable brands in the cannabis industry. Our collaborations allow us to offer our clients access to top-quality products and services, as well as valuable networking opportunities with other industry leaders. Learn more about our partner brands and how we work together to support the growth of the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Workforce Initiative
Harlem Business Alliance
Mimea Cannabis Community