About Us

James Founded CIC where he along with many experienced cannabis entrepreneurs and business owners can share their experiences with those just starting. So Cann I Create was born, giving the focus on what “Cann I Create in the Cannabis Industry?”

Our Focus

Our CEO, James focus was: “I want to offer a more in-person training experience to teach curious people about the cannabis industry. It is by actually getting your hands into simple work such as infusion of product, recipe formulation, building one’s business in the cannabis industry where one can start at.”

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Meet Our Team

Meet our team of industry experts, including experienced formulators, educators, marketing specialists, and other professionals dedicated to helping you succeed in the cannabis industry.

James Banks Cann I Create Profile

James Banks

Founder, Chief CBD & THC Chemist & Product Manufacturer Specialist

Bevon Findley Cann I Create Profile

Bevon Findley

Marketing, Consulting, and Education

Ishqa Hillman


Jim Morey Cann I Create Profile

Jim Morey

Flavor & Edible Infusion Maker

Eden Feldman


This could be You

Event Coordinator

Cann I Create Leading Experts

Meet Leading Experts

Gain invaluable, in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience to make informed decisions about future ventures.

Our Partner Brands: Collaborating with Trusted Leaders in the Cannabis Industry

At Cann I Create, we are proud to partner with some of the most reputable brands in the cannabis industry. Our collaborations allow us to offer our clients access to top-quality products and services, as well as valuable networking opportunities with other industry leaders. Learn more about our partner brands and how we work together to support the growth of the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Workforce Initiative
Harlem Business Alliance
Mimea Cannabis Community
Cultivated MInds Innovations - CMI CBD
CBD.how - Hemp CBD Education