Unlock Your Potential in the Cannabis Industry

Cann I Create is an all-encompassing workshop and educational experience giving one an intro into the world of the cannabis industry!

Your Comprehensive Workshop and Educational Experience

Welcome to Cann I Create, where we empower individuals to start their businesses in the cannabis and CBD industry. Our bi-monthly events cover everything you need to know to get started, from legal requirements to marketing strategies.

Job Training

Develop the Skills You Need to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry with Our Job Training Program

Business Development

Launch and Grow Your Cannabis Business with Our Expert Business Development Resources

Wealth Building

Build Your Wealth in the Booming Cannabis Industry with Our Comprehensive Resources and Strategies

Network Connections

Expand Your Network and Connect with Cannabis Industry Leaders Through Our Exclusive Events and Workshops

Educational Resources

Connect with Industry Experts and Access Valuable Resources to Launch Your Cannabis Career Today

Hands-On Training

Gain Hands-On Experience in the Cannabis Industry with Our Practical Training Workshops and Internship Opportunities

Cann I Create Students Making CBD Topicals Completed

Explore Employment and Resources in the Cannabis Industry

With our job and business resources, network connections, and grants and funding resources, we are committed to creating job opportunities and supporting the growth of the industry.

Hands-On Experience in the Cannabis Industry: Product Creation and Horticulture Insights

At Cann I Create, our students will be able to apply their newly acquired skills by creating products, exploring topicals, edibles, and extracts, and gaining insights into horticulture. In doing so, they will gain valuable knowledge essential for success in the fast-growing cannabis industry.

Cann I Create Event Photos
Cann I Create Event Photos

Building Collaborative and Diverse Communities in the Cannabis Industry

At Cann I Create, we encourage our students to collaborate and embrace diversity, fostering connections that lead to mutually beneficial relationships over time.