Cann. I. Create Products

Cann. I. Create is an all-encompassing workshop and educational experience giving one an intro into the world of the cannabis industry. Our CEO, James focus was: “I want to offer a more in-person training experience to teach curious people about the cannabis industry. It is by actually getting your hands into simple work such as infusion of product, recipe formulation, building one’s business in the cannabis industry where one can start at.”

James Founded CIC where he along with many experienced cannabis entrepreneurs and business owners can share their experiences with those just starting out. So Cann I Create was born, giving the focus on what Cann I Create in the Cannabis Industry.

Cann I Create Products - Topicals

Join our Cann I Create Products event where you can get the chance to make topicals and edibles using the knowledge you gain from our Cann. I. Create Jobs event. The first 50 to RSVP will be rewarded! The remaining 50 attendees will still be able to observe, engage, and ask questions throughout the event. Don’t miss out on this unique HANDS-ON experience!

The lessons offered during our Cann I Create Products event will provide the average learner with an accelerated path to mastering various techniques and giving them the ability to produce a variety of products such as brownies, cupcakes, gummies, and more.

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